There was surprisingly small information on the market about producing intercourse safe and fun for lesbian lovers – and, maybe even more shockingly, the knowledge that can be found is actually rife with myths, which many people end up thinking and parroting. Not-being precisely aware and cautious can put your sexual health in danger, and potentially also your life. I’m not stating anybody should get very brutal about shielding by themselves that actually taking pleasure in intercourse becomes quite difficult, but there is no harm at all in becoming prepared, updated, interesting, and safe. In the end, actually sex more fun if you aren’t worrying about finding something?

The absolute most terrifying lesbian gender misconception I experienced usually lesbians cannot get STDs. You heard me personally, ladies: you’ll find women online just who think these are generally resistant to STDs because they don’t get it on with dudes. Lacking sex with males doesn’t have you exempt from STDs, it doesn’t matter how much or just how firmly you believe it. It really is a misguided train of thought, and anybody who perpetuates definitely additionally either misguided, as well as probably doing it maliciously. And you also don’t want to wake up near to that with a scorching case of herpes and a head packed with regret, do you?

The video clip i discovered from Huffpost Live goes in great information in regards to the fables and misconceptions surrounding lesbian intercourse, and that I think it is had been actually quite useful.

Generating gender fun means very first producing gender safe, and being comfortable is likely to skin – two essential points that folks usually forget. Get caught up below for most strong info, ideas, and debunked lesbian gender urban myths.

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