The wedding day itself, which includes the ceremony and welcome, is often a really long function. Arrangements often begin on the Wednesday before the wedding day and include cleaning and decorating the home(usually with rushnyky ) as well as preparing foods, especially the Korovai. This specific bread, which can be up to five layers high,accompanies ukranian mail order brides the couple from the beginning of the ceremony until it is cut at the reception. It looks like a cake.

On the day of the wedding, the groom and his svakhy, or groomsmen, assemble at the bride’s home. The groom is formally presented to the family and is escorted by her parents and her elders to the bride’s room. Her family members hold a sheet up and, once he has paid them, they lower it. This is called pereima’, the interception of the bride, and it’s a very serious ritual that separates her from her unmarried youth.

When the bride is purchased, her home displays him with displays, and he toasts her families. Then they visit her on the posad, the marriage tables, where they partake in an sophisticated supper. It is customary for the newlyweds to produce numerous sandwiches and want each additional good health, happiness, and prosperity during the course of the ceremony. Additionally, it is customary for the newlywed couple to phase on a rushnyk, an embroidered fabric that represents their union. The handful subsequently alternates their steps with it, which demonstrates that their marriages are both equitable companions.

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